Friday, February 16, 2007


HuriSearch is a search engine made available by HuriDocs. It accesses the contents of over 3000 human rights web pages. Some nice features include, great indexing of results and availability of advance search functions.

Source: interalia

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Congressional Committees: Finding Witness Testimony 

Looking for a witness's testimony before a congressional committee?
Here are a few resources:
Congressional Universe: Available to Law School students, faculty and staff. Can find congressional legislative history documents and citations to older documents. Takes a while for transcripts of testimony to show up on this database.
Lexis - CQ Transcripts database (identifier - POLTRN): The POLTRN file contains transcripts of 4 to 5 complete congressional hearings per day as well as press briefings from the State, Justice, and Defense departments, presidential news conferences and press briefings, and speeches and press conferences by national newsmakers.
Washington Post: Often posts transcripts from Congressional Committees. You may need to register on this site to access them but registration is free.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Acts and Resolves Now Online 

Massachusetts Acts and Resolves from 1960 to 1996 are now available online from the State Library. You can search the full-text of these laws, browse each year by chapter, and the documents are in pdf format.

Source: Massachusetts Law Updates

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Report on Rising Debt of Law Students 

In FINANCING THE FUTURE, Equal Justice Works looks at:

[T]he issue of high tuition and the capacity for repayment, as they affect the law student and recent law graduate contemplating a public service career. It provides detailed information about the debt burden facing law graduates, and on available debt relief programs, including public interest scholarships, loan repayment assistance programs and postgraduate public interest fellowship programs.

Source: Law Librarian Blog


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Find Research Guides Online 

Cornell announced today its new Legal Research Engine available at http://library.lawschool.cornell.edu/guides/researchengine.asp
"This specialized search engine helps users easily find authoritative online legal research guides on every subject. It searches approximately 20 different web sites that either prolifically publish guides, or index and link to guides. The number of web sites searched was deliberately kept small to keep search results manageable and focused. You can also add it to your Google home page. "

This is a nice resource but because it searches whole web pages a lot of extraneous results pop up when you run a search. For example a search on "right to die" does return a couple research guides on point but you also get some less useful items like an LLRX article about web searching.

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