Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Notable Legal Websites: 2007 

Law.com has published its list of the five most notable legal sites of 2007, which it describes as "the sites that made news or should have made news -- not necessarily the best or the worst, but the ones that most altered the online legal landscape." The background and discussion about each site make this a must-read. The five notable sites:

Sources: Law.com; Law Librarian Blog


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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Economic Stimulus Package 

In light of the current economic turmoil, it's worth looking at a collection of links discussing the pros and cons of tax rebates as part of a proposed economic stimulus package. Also check out the Joint Committee on Taxation's document titled Overview of Past Tax Legislation Providing Fiscal Stimulus and Issues in Designing and Delivering a Cash Rebate to Individuals (JCX-4-08).

Source: Tax Prof Blog

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

RetrieveLaw from home 

The Mass. Trial Court Law Libraries are offering a useful new service. RetrieveLaw allows Trial Court Law Library cardholders to remotely access Massachusetts and Federal primary law, including Mass. SJC and Appeals Court cases, Mass. General Laws, CMR, Mass. court rules, Federal court cases, US Code, CFR, and Federal court rules. If you don't have a Trial Court Law Library card, think about signing up for one--it will come in handy both now and in the future.

Source: Massachusetts Law Blog


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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

FDA: Cloned animals safe for food 

The FDA has issued a controversial report concluding that foods from healthy cloned animals and their offspring are as safe as those from ordinary animals. Even more controversially, the FDA does not call for such meat to be labeled or tracked. As reported in the Washington Post, this removes the last U.S. regulatory barrier to the marketing of meat and milk from cloned cattle, pigs and goats. In response to the FDA report, the Center for Food Safety issued a statement blasting the FDA's "irresponsible determination," and urging passage of the 2007 Farm Bill, as amended, which would delay the FDA's release of cloned animals into the food supply pending further study.

Sources: beSpacific; Food Law Prof Blog; The Washington Post

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Diverging Interest Rate Policies? 

For a look at the startling differences between the Fed's current policy of cutting interest rates and the European Central Bank's consideration of raising interest rates, see yesterday's article in Central Banker. A recent New York Times article also looked at the different approaches, discussing whether it is realistic or possible for Europe to "decouple" its economy from the United States.

Source: Banking Law Professor Blog

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