Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Suffolk Law Databases 

By now you’re all familiar with Westlaw and Lexis. But have you looked at the wealth of databases offered by the Law Library?

A very useful place to start is Law School Research Databases by Subject. Set up in question and answer format (If you’re researching X…, try using Y databases), this page quickly gets you to the most useful databases. For example, if you’re researching environmental law, try using the Environmental Law Reporter. If you’re researching antitrust and trade regulation try using CCH Business and Finance Research, or BNA’s Antitrust and Trade Regulation Report.

Even if you’ve looked at these databases previously, take another look. We’ve just significantly expanded our holdings.

And because these resources are just too valuable to miss, in coming weeks, we’ll be describing some of the databases in more detail.

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Monday, March 24, 2008

Pro Bono in Boston 

Check out the interesting article in the March 17 Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly discussing pro bono work at large firms in Boston. A new trend is to have a full time pro bono manager, and even full time pro bono attorneys.

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly

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Public Interest Law 

On a related note, have you seen the new display case on the fifth floor of the Library? In keeping with its Public Interest Law theme, we’ll be highlighting some Public Interest Law web sites over the next few weeks.


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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Let Them Eat Clones -- Take Two 

A Freedom of Information Act request from the Center for Food Safety together with several other groups has turned up a report commissioned by the FDA descriptively titled “Focus Groups on the Public’s Perception on the Health Risk Associated with Products from Animal Clones”.

Not surprisingly, more than half of the participants stated that they would not want to eat food derived from cloned animals, and all of the parents surveyed said thay would not give such food to their children.

Perhaps surprisingly, the FDA commissioned the report well before it issued its risk assessment approving food from cloned animals and their offspring for human consumption. No labeling or tracking required.

For more about the FDA's decision, see our previous blog posting.

Source: Food Law Prof Blog; Center for Food Safety

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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Mexico and the Caribbean 

Does the upcoming spring break bring thoughts of Mexico or the Caribbean? Check out these two useful resource guides, recently posted on LLRX.com: Mexico & Its Legal System Research Guide and The Caribbean Court of Justice Research Guide.

Source: LLRX.com

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