Friday, April 07, 2006

New Westlaw Features 

Check out two new helpful Westlaw Features: Graphical Statutes and RegulationsPlus.

Westlaw Graphical Statutes
Westlaw now features an easy-to-read display of a statute's history that will help researchers, including law students, more easily see a statutes past, present and proposed changes.

The Graphical Statutes display shows:

Graphical Statutes is available for the United States Code Annotated® and selected state jurisdictions.

With RegulationsPlus, Westlaw customers can search all sections of the Code of Federal Regulations®, as well as past versions, amendments, pending changes and citing court documents. In addition, RegulationsPlus features Thomson West's exclusive editorially created federal case law summaries, historical Federal Register® content, agency publications and other related analyses.

Just use the regular CFR database and links to the RegulationsPlus features appear in the right hand window.

Susan's Note: Above adapted from Westlaw promotional material but I did go check these new features and they are pretty interesting (especially, the RegulationsPlus feature).

Source: Mark Jackson, Westlaw Representative

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