Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gall v. US and Kimbrough v. US Resources (addressing federal sentencing) 

The following are some resources for Gall v. US [opinion] and Kimbrough v. US [opinion], both of which addressed issues in federal sentencing:

SCOTUSblog Posts: Commentary: Gall and Appellate Court Transparency, Commentary: A Justice-by-Justice Review of Gall and Kimbrough, Commentary: Winners and Losers in Gall and Kimbrough and Commentary: Gall Advances the Booker Revolution, But Also Leaves Fodder for the Court of Appeals Counter-Revolutionaries.

News Sources: Court Restores Sentencing Powers of Federal Judges [New York Times], Justices OK Latitude on Sentencing [LA Times], and Panel May Ease Crack Cocaine Sentences [AP].

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