Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Accessing Westlaw on Mobile Devices 

Say you'd like to use Westlaw on your smartphone or a small wireless device like an iPod touch but don't like how cramped it looks on the small screen. Now there's a solution: Westlaw Wireless, a version of Westlaw optimized for the smaller screens on mobile devices.

To use Westlaw Wireless, just open your device's Web browser and go to wl-w.com or wireless.westlaw.com. When you log in you'll have to enter a Client ID, which you don't have to do when logging in to the law school version of Westlaw, but this can be anything you want. (The Client ID is used by researchers who need to keep track of who's going to be billed for Westlaw usage - something students don't have to worry about).

Although you'll get much of the functionality of full Westlaw, the wireless version seems best suited to finding and reading cases or statutes, or using KeyCite to check the status of a case or statute, when you have a citation.

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